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EXTRA 70/93 - Turkey: "disappearance" / fear of torture: Gulnaz Osmanoglu

, N° d'index: EUR 44/070/1993

Gulnaz Osmanoglu was detained in Gebze near Istanbul on or about 25 June 1993 and is being held in unacknowleged police custody. She was born in Karakocan, Elazig province, where guerrillas of the PKK (Kurdish Workers' Party) are very active at present. A lawyer of the Human Rights Association in Istanbul telephoned Gebze Police Headquarters on 20 July to inquire about her, but police denied holding her. However, another client of this lawyer, Bahoz Savata, reported having been tortured with a woman matching Gulnaz Osmanoglu's description. It is now four weeks since she was taken into custody, far exceeding the 15-day maximum detention period permitted under the law, and there is grave concern for her safety.

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