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Further information on UA 286/94 (EUR 44/66/94, 22 July) - Turkey: torture / fear of torure / arbitrary detention: Cemil Timur, Zeydin Timur, Sevket Timur, Hasan Aykut, Fehim Yalcin, Saadi Ozlu, Osman Ozlu and an estimated 1500 Kurdish villagers, includin

, N° d'index: EUR 44/067/1994

New reports suggest that the villagers held in Evrek have been moved to Mezra village. Furthermore, a clash betwen guerrillas of the PKK and the security forces is said to have occurred on 22 July near Gecitli. The three villages of Aksu (Kurdish: Biloh), Binlersan (Cicekli) and Derzengin were forcibly evacuated by force and some of the houses destroyed. The villagers are reportedly being held by the road near Gecitli.

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