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Further information on EXTRA 57/92 (EUR 44/55/92, 26 June 1992) - Turkey: fear of torture / torture: Murtaza Gok, Ali Seyidi Gok, Haydar Cuce, Mustafa Cuce, Cevdet Demir, Apo ..., Mehmet ..., Abidin Tasci, Riza Gok, Ozcan ... (all from Domuzdere); Ibrahim

, N° d'index: EUR 44/061/1992


EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: EUR 44/61/92
Distr: UA/SC
10 July 1992
Further information on EXTRA 57/92 (EUR 44/55/92, 26 June 1992) - Fear of
From Domuzdere village:
Murtaza Gök, headman
Ali Seyidi Gök
Haydar Cüce
Mustafa Cüce
Cevdet Demir
Apo... surname unknown
Mehmet ... surname unknown
Abidin Ta_ç_
R_za Gök
Özcan ... surname unknown
From K_z_lc_ksuyu village:
_brahim Co_kun
and Ali S___rtmaç, a 65-year-old farmer ) released
Efendi Öner )
All the detainees named above have now been released. No further details are
yet available concerning how they were treated, nor whether or not they have
been charged with any offence. Further information will be passed on to the
network as soon as it becomes available. Meanwhile, send no more appeals. Thanks
to all those who participated in the action.

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