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Turkey: Further information on "disappearance" / medical concern / fear of torture: Huseyin Koku, Mustafa Yeter, Hanan Guner

, N° d'index: EUR 44/059/1995

On 27 April the family of Huseyin Koku, who "disappeared" in Elbistan on 20 October 1994, were informed by police that a body, in an advanced state of decay, had been found near the town of Puturge in Malatya province. The cause of death was not clear. On 28 April three relatives identified the body, but on their return to Elbistan were detained by police and allegedly beaten. To AI's knowledge Huseyin Koku's body is still at Puturge State Hospital, and no proper autopsy has yet been conducted. Mustafa Yeter and another man, Hana Guner, were apparently detained because of their repeated inquiries into the fate of Huseyin Koku. Mustafa Yeter has told AI that they were both tortured while held in police custody in Cumhuriyet district of Elbistan. On 9 March they were acquitted by Malatya State Security Court of supporting the PKK and released. On 18 March Mustafa Yeter was abducted by three armed men who pulled him into a car. He managed to escape and later fled from Turkey.

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