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Turkey: further information: fear of "disappearance" / fear of torture: new concern: possible extrajudicial execution

, N° d'index: EUR 44/051/1996

Suleyman Seyhan, a Kurd aged 58, Nedim Akkoyun, shepherd boy aged 12, Davut Altinkaynak, shepherd boy aged 12, Seyhan Dogan, shepherd boy aged 13, Abdurrahman Coskun, aged 18 (note: corrected age), Abdurrahman Olcay, student aged 19, Mehmet Emin Aslan, aged about 25 (note: corrected age): on 6 March 1996 the body of Suleyman Seyhan was found. Following a security operation in the Dargecit area 100 villagers were reportedly detained and included the detention of those named above.

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