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Turkey: Torture / fear of "disappearance": Mehmet Ali Cetinkaya, aged 62, Veyis Diler, aged 67-68, Yasar Ozdemir, aged 55-58, Huseyin Sevindi, 26, Husnu Soz, Yusuf Turan, aged 48-50, Mustafa, Hasan Sevindi, father of Huseyin Sevindi

, N° d'index: EUR 44/048/1995

AI has grave fears for the safety of at least seven people detained in eastern Turkey by the security forces on the night of 21/22 March 1995. Members of the Turkish Security forces clashed with PKK guerrillas: two members of the security forces were killed and one injured. A local villager, son of one of the above-named, was also killed. Two of the detainees were later released: Hasan Sevindi, who had apparently been severely tortured, and a seriously asthmatic prisoner whose name is not known to AI. The detention of the remaining six has been acknowledged by the security forces but AI still fears them to be at risk of torture in incommunicado detention.

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