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UA 223/94 - Turkey: "disappearance" / fear for safety: Servet Ipek, Ikram Ipek, Seyithan Yolur (from Tureli village); Hikmet Aybay and his daughter Demet Aybay (from Adana); Mustafa Saygi

, N° d'index: EUR 44/046/1994

The six people named above have "disappeared" after being detained in three separate incidents in may and June 1994. AI fears for their safety. Servet Ipek, Ikram Ipek and Seyithan Yolur were detained on 18 May, after soldiers had burned all 25 houses in the Dahla Zara settlement of Tureli village. Nothing is known about their whereabouts. Hikmet Aybay and his daughter Demet were detained by police on 6 June. Although the Public Prosecutor has denied that they are being held, it is thought that they are being interrogated at the Anti-Terror Branch of Adana Police Headquarters. Mustafa Saygi was reportedly detained by gendarmerie and handed over to members of the Special Team on 3 June. Police and gendarmerie have denied that he is being held.

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