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UA 149/92 - Turkey: death threats / fear of extrajudicial execution: Leyla Zana, Sedat Yurttas, Hatip Dicle, Zubeyir Aydar, Dogu Perincek, Yalcin Kucuk, Musa Anter, Mahmut Alinak, Ahmet Turk, Sedat Edip Bucak, Salih Sumer, Mahmut Uyanik, Sirri Sakik, Muza

, N° d'index: EUR 44/044/1992

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: EUR 44/44/92
Distr: UA/SC
UA 149/92 Death Threats/Fear of Extrajudicial Execution 8 May 1992
TURKEY: Leyla Zana (female) [independent MP for Diyarbak_r]
Sedat Yurtta_ [MP for Diyarbakir]
Hatip Dicle [independent MP for Diyarbakir]
Zübeyir Aydar [independent MP for Siirt]
Do_u Perinçek [Publisher]
Yalçin Küçük [Writer and publisher]
Musa Anter [Writer]
Mahmut Al_nak [MP for _irnak]
Ahmet Türk [independent MP for Mardin]
Sedat Edip Bucak [MP for _anl_urfa]
Salih Sümer [MP for Diyarbakir]
Mahmut Uyan_k [MP for Diyarbak_r]
S_rr_ _ak_k [MP for Mu_]
Muzaffer Ar_kan [MP for Mardin]
Adnan Ekman [MP for Batman]
Orhan Do_an [independent MP for Cizre]
Selim Sadak [independent MP for __rnak]
Nizamettin Tonguç [independent MP for Batman]
Abdülkerim Zilan [MP for Batman]
Mehmet Sincar [independent MP for Mardin]
Yavuz Binbay [IHD president in Van]
Cabbar Laygara [lawyer from Diyarbak_r]
Sekvan Aytu [IHD President in __rnak]
Bar__ Mü_takhan [correspondent for foreign newspaper]
Ha__m Ha_imi [Mayor of Cizre]
Faik Tünefan [IHD member, Istanbul]
Ömer Hazar [IHD member, Istanbul]
Dr Ata Soyer [Central Council member of the Union of Turkish Doctors]
In recent weeks a leaflet threatening death to the 28 people named above has been
distributed in various towns in the predominantly Kurdish southeast of Turkey. All
28 people named in the leaflet are either Kurdish members of parliament, or have
in some way spoken out publicly on behalf of Turkey's Kurdish minority and taken
up or investigated cases of human rights violations against them. The leaflet is
signed "Islami Cihad-B (Islami Yumruk)" meaning "Islamic Holy War - B (Fist of Islam)".
Many of its threats are directed against the Kurdish Workers' Party, PKK, its
organizations and its leader, Abdullah Öcalan (widely known as Apo), which since
1984 has been fighting a guerrilla war for an independent Kurdish state. The leaflet
states among other things that:
"The Religious Union of ERNK", the dogs of Apo, will be killed by the Fist of Islam
sooner or later.
"Islami Cihad-B (Islami Yumruk) will continue the struggle with these hypocrites
as it has done in the past in K_z_ltepe, Nusaybin, Batman and Diyarbak_r [scene of
a continuing series of killings believed to be extrajudicial executions], with the
permission of Almighty God.
"The killing of such persons is proper.
"Oh Muslims, the blood of correspondents and writers of Yeni Ülke, Özgür Halk, Newroz,
Deng, Ikibin'e Do_ru is yours to spill.
"The highest worship is to combat these wretched hypocrites, sons of the infidel.
Page 2 of UA 149/92
"Show the fighters of the Fist of Islam the path to these people whom you know.
"In unity and brotherhood on the path of Allah, let us continue to destroy these
hypocrites, with the permission of Allah.
"- death to Apo, the spawn of infidel Nimrod.
"- death to the hypocrites of Apo.
"- the love of Allah is the source of our struggle.
"Muslims, we swear in the name of Allah that
"the whore Leyla Zana [thereafter 27 names as listed above]
"will be slaughtered in the name of Allah."
A British human rights delegation reported a death threat made by Colonel Yediy_ld_z,
the Diyarbak_r Gendarmerie Commander, on 18 April 1992 against the woman MP Leyla
Zana in Tepe near Bismil. The delegation and also the Diyarbak_r Police Chief, Ramazan
Er, and the MP for Cizre, Orhan Do_an, were present when the threat was made. Col
Yediy_ld_z reportedly told Leyla Zana:
"You are my enemy. I will only be satisfied when I have spilt your blood. Even if
I killed you and drank your blood, I still would not be content. I am going to kill
you, but first I am going to discredit you."
On 5 May, at 2 o'clock in the morning, a large number of security personnel accompanied
by armoured vehicles came to the house of Sekvan Aytu, president of the Human Rights
Association (IHD) in __rnak, asking for him. However, he was away on a trip. In his
function as local IHD president he usually is easily accessible during the day in
his office. Several victims of extrajudicial executions have been taken from their
homes late in the night in a similar fashion.
In view of the continuing series of mysterious killings in the southeast, often after
the abduction and torture of the victim, Amnesty International is deeply concerned
about the safety of all those named above, but in particular of Leyla Zana.
More than 50 killings and a number of "disappearances" have occurred in southeast
Turkey during the past year in which involvement of the security forces has been
alleged. The main targets have been local politicians (in particular members of the
People's Labour Party (HEP) perceived to represent the Kurdish minority; the
independent MPs named above are all members of HEP), local representatives of the
Human Rights Association (IHD), journalists investigating human rights abuses, and
villagers who refuse to participate in the system of government-appointed village
guards especially when they were suspected of links with the PKK either directly
or through family members.
Many attribute the succession of alleged extrajudicial executions to the so-called
kontrgerilla, part of the secret service said to specialize in operations against
insurgents in the southeast. From December 1991 killings and woundings were
increasingly carried out by assassins, who are often very young, in the street. Some
sources attribute these killings to Hizbullah. The existence of Hizbullah as an
organized armed force in Turkey is in some doubt, and it is widely believed that
such assassinations are carried out on the instigation of
the security forces. Two journalists investigating a possible connection were
assassinated in February 1992. Islami Cihad-B (Islami Yumruk) is a previously unknown
organization, but its targets appear to be the same as those previously attributed
to Hizbullah and the kontrgerilla.
RECOMMENDED ACTION: Telegrams/telexes/faxes/express and airmail letters:
- expressing concern about death threats made against 28 people named in a leaflet
by Islami Cihad-B (Islami Yumruk) and in particular against Leyla Zana by Colonel
Yediy_ld_z, especially in view of the fact that over 50 unresolved killings, where
the involvement of the security forces is alleged, have already occurred in the region;
- seeking assurances that the authorities will do everything possible to ensure
the safety of all 28 named persons;
- appealing that all necessary steps be taken to prevent further killings and
Page 3 of UA 149/92
1) Prime Minister:
Mr Süleyman Demirel
Office of the Prime Minister
06573 Ankara, Turkey
Telegrams: Prime Minister, Ankara,
Telexes: 44061/44062/44063 bbmt tr
42099 basb tr
42875 bbk tr
Faxes: + 90 41 17 04 76
+ 90 42 30 88 96
Salutation: Dear Prime Minister
2) Minister of the Interior:
Mr _smet Sezgin
_çi_leri Bakanl___
06644 Ankara, Turkey
Telegrams: Interior Minister, Ankara,
Telexes: 46369 ICSL TR
Faxes: + 90 4 118 1795
Salutation: Dear Minister
3) Gendarmerie General Commander:
Orgeneral E_ref Bitlis
Jandarma Kuvvetleri Komutan_
Kuvvetleri Komutanl___
Ankara, Turkey
Telegrams: Jandarma Kuvvetleri
Komutani, Ankara, Turkey
Salutation: Dear General
4) Emergency Legislation Governor:
Mr Ünal Erkan
Ola_anüstü Hal Valisi
Diyarbak_r, Turkey
Telegrams: Olaganustu Hal Valisi,
Diyarbakir, Turkey
Telexes: 72110 OHVT TR
72084 DYVA TR
72090 JASY TR
Faxes: + 90 831 26174
(telephone first and ask to
switch on the fax machine:
"Lütfen fax sinyal veriniz")
Salutation: Dear Governor
President of the Parliamentary Human Rights Commission:
_nsan Haklar_ Ara_t_rma Komisyonu Ba_kan_
Ankara, Turkey
and to diplomatic representatives of Turkey in your country.
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat, or your
section office, if sending appeals after 19 June 1992.

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