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Further information on EXTRA 13/93 (EUR 44/10/93, 11 February) - Turkey: fear of torture: Adnan Alp, Besra Eksen, Salih Dindar, Celal Sekeroglu, Saniye Aktas, Mahmut Fakhani, Kemal Sahin, Haydar Demir, Guler Celik

, N° d'index: EUR 44/032/1993

On 23 February 1993, Guler Celik, correspondent for Ozgur Halk magazine, was taken before the prosecutor at Istanbul State Security Court, to whom she made a complaint of torture. She was released later that day. She was reportedly interrogated for 8 days during which she was tortured and sexually assaulted. The other people named above are no longer in incommunicado detention but it is not known if they have been released or committed to prison.

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