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Further information on EXTRA 26/92 (EUR 44/28/92, 13 March) - Turkey: fear of torture: Burhan Serikli (died in custody), Mehmet Emin Can, Omer Yavuz, Ali Yildirim, Mustafa Yildirim, Ibrahim Yildirim, Ahmet Yildirim, Mehmet Sait Yildirim, Aydin Yilmaz, Yus

, N° d'index: EUR 44/032/1992

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: EUR 44/32/92
Distr: UA/SC
24 March 1992
Further information on EXTRA 26/92 (EUR 44/28/92, 13 March 1992) - Fear of
TURKEY:Burhan SERIKLI, aged 18 (died in custody)
Mehmet Emin ÇAN
_brahim YILDIRIM
Mehmet Sait YILDIRIM, aged 16
_ükrü YILMAZ, a visitor to Ulular village
Nuri ÖZKAN, HEP (People's Labour Party) board member from
Hac_ _sa GÖK, from Batman
All the detainees named above, except _ükrü Y_lmaz, were released by the Be_iri
Public Prosecutor on 9 March 1992.
_ükrü Y_lmaz had been detained on 4 March 1992 in _a_osele district of Be_iri.
He was released on 14 March and reported that before being taken to the Be_iri
Prosecutor on 14 March he was taken to Be_iri Health Centre where he was given
a certificate stating that he had no injuries. Examination on 17 March by three
independent doctors showed that _ükrü Y_lmaz had injuries in the genital region,
widespread bruising in both arms consistent with trauma from a blunt object,
serious swellings on the left hand, forearm and upper arm, bruising and slight
swelling on the soles of both feet. After his release he made the following
"I was blindfolded at the Gendarmerie station and taken to their interrogation
centre in Batman. While I was there I was tortured horribly. I will try to
explain what happened.
"They spread out my arms and tied them to an iron pipe. Then they lifted me
upwards. I hung there as if crucified. While I was hung there, they attached
an electrical generator to my little toe and to my penis. They poured water
over me and started to give electricity. At the same time, another person was
attempting to insert a truncheon or a bottle into my anus and made me bleed.
Another was squeezing my testicles. I could not stand the pain and fainted.
When I came to they were pouring cold water over me... During the first session
of torture they [claimed that] I was in contact with the PKK [Kurdish Workers'
Party], that I was a member of the Hasankeyf, Batman committee of the
organization, and they wanted me to show them the organization's hideouts in
that area. However, I continually denied having anything to do with such
business. They said: "You initiated the protest shop closures in Hasankeyf.
I said it was not true. In the second torture session they repeated the same
torture, saying 'We have made even stones talk here. We will make you talk.
If we cannot make you talk we will all congratulate, celebrate and, each in
turn, kiss your penis.' After being crucified a second time, I once again
fainted. They brought me round
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again in the same way. Then they laid me down and subjected me to falaka [beating
the soles of the feet], passing my feet through the back of a chair. One of
them sat on my legs. Most of my body was lying naked on the concrete, and two
people beat the soles of my feet. It was obvious that
they were experts at the job. I do not know how long it lasted. Eventually
I could not feel anything any more. They threw me naked into a cell. There
was nothing in the cell. I slept on the concrete. About two days later, Ahmet
Y_ld_rim who was detained with me gave me his clothes to wear. I was given
no food at all while in detention. Later I learned that Burhan Serikli who
had been detained with me had been killed. After this the other detainees were
brought before the prosecutor. But because I was in a bad state, they did not
bring me before the prosecutor. They kept me waiting for a further five days
for the marks of torture to disappear. I was taken to Be_iri Public Prosecutor
five days after the others were arrested. The Prosecutor released me. The marks
of torture are still plainly visible."
A formal complaint was made concerning _ükrü Y_lmaz's torture by the President
of Batman Bar Association and four other lawyers acting on his behalf. His
health condition deteriorated following his release and he is now receiving
treatment at Diyarbak_r State Hospital.
Amnesty International is not aware that any further investigation or inquiry
has been initiated into the circumstances of Burhan Serikli's death.
FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send telexes/faxes/express and airmail
- expressing deep concern at the death of Burhan Serikli in Batman Gendarmerie
Headquarters who allegedly hanged himself with his blindfold after
interrogation, and at the alleged torture of _ükrü Y_lmaz in Batman Gendarmerie
- urging that a prompt, full and impartial investigation is carried out into
both incidents;
- requesting to be informed of its methods and findings.
1) Minister of the Interior:
Mr _smet Sezgin Dear Minister
_çi_leri Bakanl___
06644 Ankara, Turkey
Telexes: 46369 ICSL TR
Faxes: + 90 4 118 1795
2) Governor of Batman Province:
Mr Zeki _anal Dear Governor
Batman Valili_i
Batman, Turkey
President of the Parliamentary Human Rights Commission:
Mr Ahmet Türk
_nsan Haklar_ Ara_t_rma Komisyonu Ba_kan_
Ankara, Turkey
and to diplomatic representatives of Turkey in your country.
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat,
or your section office, if sending appeals after 5 May 1992.

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