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Further information on UA 136/94 (EUR 44/24/94, 6 April) - Turkey: "disappearance" / extrajudicial execution: Necati Aydin, Mehmet Ay

, N° d'index: EUR 44/025/1994

On 9 April 1994 three bodies were found in a field 40km outside Diyarbakir. Two of the dead were identified as Necati Aydin and Mehmet Ay, who "disappeared" after being detained by the Anti-Terror Branch of Diyarbakir Police on 18 March. They were last seen alive in the State Security Court in Diyarbakir on 4 April, when the judge ordered their release. However they were not released, but were presumably brought out by the back door of the court building and taken to an unknown destination. On 5 April the families were told that the detainees had been released and the prosecutor and other authorities denied that they had been rearrested. The identity of the third body has not been established.

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