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EXTRA 25/93 - Turkey: fear of torture: Mehmet Yaman, Kadim Yildiz

, N° d'index: EUR 44/025/1993

Mehmet Yaman and Kadim Yildiz, lycee students, were detained in Ergani, Diyarbakir province, on or around 6 March 1993. They are believed to be held incommunicado at Ergani Police Headquarters. A clash between Islamic fundamentalist and other lycee students took place in Ergani around 1 March 1993: one student was killed and another wounded. A school boycott was held to protest against the incident. Mehmet Yaman and Kadim Yildiz appear to have been arrested in response to the boycott. Under emergency legislation they may be held for 30 days. It is feared that they are being tortured in incommunicado detention.

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