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Further information on UA 28/91 (EUR 44/10/91, 25 January) - Turkey: fear of torture: Cahit Ozgur Baharli, Metin Turan, Ogur Tuzun, Gamze Turan, Yasar Demircan, Nuran Askeri, Saadet Toksoy, Fatma Tokay, Huseyin Can Balicanli, Pasa Cobanbas, Yasar Selcuk,

, N° d'index: EUR 44/023/1991

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: EUR 44/23/91
Distr: UA/SC
15 February 1991
Further information on 28/91 (EUR 44/10/91, 25 January 1991) - Fear of Torture
Cahit Özgur Baharl_ )
Metin Turan ) musicians from the Grup Ekin
O_ur Tuzun )
Gamze Turan (f), chairperson of DEMKAD (Democratic Women's Assn)
Ya_ar Demircan
Nuran Askeri (f), chairperson of TAYAD Ankara branch
Saadet Toksoy (f), secretary of TAYAD Ankara branch
Fatma Tokay (f), member of TAYAD (Prisoners' Relatives Solidarity
Hüseyin Can Bal_canli Association)
Pa_a Çobanba_, TAYAD member
Ya_ar Selçuk, student at Gazi University, Ankara
Melda Gül (f), from Tav_r magazine
Bülent ... from Tav_r magazine
Bülent Ba_c_, from Mücadele magazine
On 7 February 1991 Bülent Bagc_, Metin Turan, Pa_a Çobanba_ were formally
arrested and committed to Ankara Central Closed Prison. It is believed that
they may be charged for participating in a meeting concerning the death in
custody of Birtan Altunba_, possibly as a result of torture.
The other detainees named above were unconditionally released. Fatma
Tokay stated that she had been taken from her cell and beaten by four women
officers on several occasions, while Ya_ar Selçuk stated that he had been beaten,
suspended by the wrists and subjected to cold water under pressure and electric
Thirteen people had been taken into custody when police raided the
premises of Tavir magazine in Ankara at about 1800 hours on 24 January, while
Bülent Ba_c_ had been taken into police custody from his home, reportedly when
he refused to surrender photographs of a demonstration taken the previous day.
Amnesty International will continue to monitor this case as it is believed
that others among the detainees may have been tortured or ill-treated while
in custody.
FURTHER RECOMMENDED ACTION: You may write polite letters:
- asking why the detainees were not permitted to see their lawyers at any time
during their 14 days of incommunicado detention at the Political Branch of
Ankara Police Headquarters, even though this right is established in Article
136 of the Turkish Criminal Procedure Code, and is internationally recognized
as an important safeguard against torture for detainees, and against false
allegations of torture which might be made against the police;
- urging that the allegations of torture and ill-treatment made by Fatma Tokay
and Ya_ar Selçuk are independently and impartially investigated;
- asking to be informed of the methods and findings of the investigation;
- urging that statements extracted under torture are not used as evidence except
in court actions brought against the torturers.
Abdülkadir Aksu
The Minister of the Interior
_çi_leri Bakanl___
06644 Ankara, Turkey
COPIES TO: Diplomatic representatives of Turkey in your country.
After these letters, no further action will be required. Thank you to all
who appealed on their behalf.

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