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Turkey: Further information on fear of torture and new concern: torture

, N° d'index: EUR 44/014/1997

Cuma Meral, held under the name of Hasan Hasgul, Hasan Ozan, held under the name of Ali Berkoglu, Erdogan Ber, held under the name of Kamber Gol, Arif Celebi, Suleyman Yeter, Mukkades Celik (f), Zabit Iltemur, Birsen Kaya (f), Necati Abay, Abidin Ezgin, Ismail Ezgin, Sedat Senoglu, Enver Akca, Ayse Yilmaz (f) (note corrected name), her son Deniz Yilmaz (note corrected name), and her husband Dogan Yilmaz (note corrected name), Mustafa Ozturk, Sultan Secik (f), Asiye Zeybek (f), Gonul Karagoz (f), Bayram Namaz: At a press conference held on 1 March 1997, Rahime Henden reported that she had been taken to the Anti-Terror Branch of Istanbul Police Headquarters on 27 February and had witnessed the torture inflicted on Sultan Secik, Birsen Kaya and Ayse Yilmaz. She also alleged that Ayse Yilmaz's husband, Erdogan Yilmaz, had been severely tortured and that some of his ribs were broken. They were among some 26 people detained in Istanbul on 22 February 1997.

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