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UA 183/93 - Sweden: fear of forcible return (refoulement): Monica Castillo Paez

, N° d'index: EUR 42/001/1993

Monica Castillo Paez, a Peruvian woman aged 20, has been refused asylum in Sweden and is at risk of forcible return to Peru. She fled Peru in December 1990 following the forced disappearance of her brother, Rafael Ernesto Castill in October 1990, now presumed dead, and the death of one of her cousins in 1989. The security forces are believed to have been responsible. Following her brother's disappearance, the police went several times to her home in search of her. It is believed that she will be at grave risk of arrest and detention by the Direccion Nacional Contra el Terrorismo (DINCOTE), the anti-terrorism police, and possible torture or ill- treatment, disappearance, or extrajudicial execution, if she is returned to Peru.

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