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Germany: Fear of imminent refoulement: Boualem Rebai, Algerian asylum-seeker, former police officer, born 1962

, N° d'index: EUR 23/012/1995

AI fears that Boualem Rebai, a former Algerian policeman who fled Algeria because of political violence, may be forcibly returned to Algeria by the Bavarian authorities. If returned to Algeria, AI fears that he would be at risk of human rights violations. Boualem Rebai applied for political asylum in Germany in April 1993; he was later accused of the arson of the refugee centre where he was being held and was sentenced to over a year's imprisonment. He has consistently denied the charge and was released early for good behaviour. As a brother of a member of the illegal FIS (killed in October 1993), Boualem would be particularly at risk in Algeria. Those leaving the security forces without authorization are also at risk.

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