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Albania: Further information on arbitrary detention / ill-treatment

, N° d'index: EUR 11/015/1996

Blendi Gonxhe, Arben Imami, Gramoz Pashko, Servet Pellumbi, Namik Dokle, Arta Deda (f), Musa Ulqini, Ali Lelaj, Luan Hajdaraga, Gaqo Apostolli, Paskal Milo, Maqo Lakrori, Sphresa Sula (f), Neritan Ceka, Skender Gjinushi and other leaders, activists and supporters of opposition parties and journalists: Following considerable international criticism of official intimidation, violence and polling irregularities during national elections on 26 May 1996 and the suppression of a protest by the opposition in Tirana on 28 May, the authorities announced that seven senior police officers had been dismissed for "incompetence". In addition, an investigation has been started in connection with the demonstration of 28 May. It is not clear, however, whether the main aim of the investigation is to determine who organized the demonstration -in order to bring charges against them- or to determine which police officers were responsible for beating demonstrators that day.

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