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Albania: Further information on possible prisoners of conscience

, N° d'index: EUR 11/004/1996

Sulejman Rrahman Mekollari, Dilaver Ibrahim Dauti, Lirim Servet Veliu, Gani Korro and (in a new case): Sami Meta, Kristaq Mosko, Timoshenko Pekmexi and Tare Isufi; and (in a new case): Elvira Shapollo(f), Vladimir Qiriaqi, Jani Bardho and Thoma Ngjelo: further arrests of possible prisoners of conscience on charges of "anti-constitutional activity": in the first new case those named above were arrested on charges of "creating anti-constitutional parties and associations". The second new case concerns the distribution of "anti-constitutional writings" for which the four defendants are not currently in detention. The trial of Sulejman Mekollari and his co-defendants has reportedly not yet ended.

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