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Medical letter writing action: Viet Nam: Do Ngoc Long

, N° d'index: ASA 41/009/1992

AI is seriously concerned about Do Ngoc Long, a 56-year-old prisoner of conscience who has been detained without trial since April 1990. He is reported to suffer from hypertension and heart disease and was recently transferred to the hospital of Chi Hoa Prison after collapsing in his cell at Phan Dang Luu Prison. Do Ngoc Long was one of a number of people arrested in connection with the arrest and expulsion of US business consultant Michael Morrow in May 1990 for alleged espionage. The authorities allege that he facilitated an illegal meeting and acted as an interpreter between a journalist and some members of the "Club of Resistance Fighters"; he is also said to have been openly critical of the government. No further information is available on his state of health.

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