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Thailand: Health concern / legal concern: Daw Khin Hlaing, U Ye Gaung and 23 other Burmese asylum-seekers

, N° d'index: ASA 39/009/1995

There is serious concern for the health of Daw Khin Hlaing, aged 65, who has been in detention with her husband, U Ye Gaung, in Bangkok since 29 November 1995. She is said to be suffering from a heart condition which may be exacerbated by their detention. The two Burmese asylum-seekers are being held without charge or trial at the Immigration Detention Centre. U Ye Gaung, aged 71, is senior writer for the New Era Journal, a Burmese opposition newspaper published in Thailand, and there is concern the couple have been arrested for the peaceful expression of their political views. Police also arrested 23 other Burmese asylum-seekers on 28 and 29 November in what is believed to be an attempt to prevent public protests against the Burmese National Convention.

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