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Taiwan: Cheung Ki-lok: Prosecutor appeals against third acquittal

, N° d'index: ASA 38/017/1990

The above-named, a Hong Kong resident, has been acquitted of sedition charges on three occasions but has not been allowed to return home because of continuing prosecution appeals against his acquittal. He is accused of having been involved in the early 1970s with the Hong Kong student magazine Hong Sang Goh, which the prosecution alleges was pro-communist. He is also charged with having joined the Chinese Communist Youth league in 1977. Cheung Ki-lok denies both charges. Amnesty International has already adopted Cheung Ki-lok as a prisoner of conscience: in its latest letter to President Lee Teng-hui of Taiwan, the organization expressed concern that the appeal against Cheung Ki-lok's acquittal raised the prospect of his being re-imprisoned.

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