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Sri Lanka: Further information on hostage-taking / fear for safety

, N° d'index: ASA 37/026/1997

T A D J Thenuwara, L Sunil Perera, M H R Pushpakumara, Mahinda Dias, J A J Jayakody, A W M Mustapha, R Yugathanathan (crew members from the ship Misen); A R Nisam Deen, village headman; Abdul Cader, F M Sajith Khan, F M Siraj and new names:A M Anis, F Rizal, J A Manaff, A H Shafeek, A F Fouzul Ameen, K F Noufeek, R Mutas, F Mujoob Deen, PM Mohamed, A Roufeek, Y Joufeer, M Anvar, F A Ali Khan, E D Dhanapala, E D Siriwardene and R V Prematilleke, villagers of Irakkakandy: twelfe hostages of the remaining 32 people were released on 30 September 1997. The leader ship of LTTE gave assurances that the remaining 20 people would be released before the start of Ramadan.

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