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UA 109/93 - Sri Lanka: unacknowledged arrests / fear of "disappearance": Velupillai Jayakumar, Kandiah Murugamoorthy, Visvanathan Rajakumar, Ponnuthurai Samithamby, Nagamany Thangavadivel, Nagamany Sivamoorthy, Nagamany Panchadcharam, Mylipody Umaranjan,

, N° d'index: ASA 37/008/1993

The sixteen people named above have "disappeared" after being arrested by the army on 17 February 1993. Amnesty International has little information about the individual prisoners, but according to reports the men were harvesting paddy at Vannathi Aru, Batticaloa District, when they were detained by soldiers from Rukam army camp. Two further men named above have reportedly "disappeared" after being arrested by the army at Marapalam on 27 December 1992. The local Peace Committee in Batticaloa town has appealed to the authorities on behalf of all 18 men, but has received no news of their whereabouts.

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