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Malaysia: Further information on fear of forcible refoulement of Acehnese asylum-seekers / fear of excessive use of force during repatriation of asylum-seekers and immigrants / medical and health concerns

, N° d'index: ASA 28/012/1998

Ishak Daud, Syahrul Syamaun, Ali, Effendi, member of ASNLF, Yusra Habib bin Abdul Gani, Hasan bin Ahmad, Razali bin Abdullah, Muhammad Nasir bin Usman, Ibrahim bin Daud, Bakhtiar bin Usman and Sofyan bin Hasan are believed to be in incommunicado detention at various police stations throughout Malaysia. It is feared they are at risk of torture or ill-treatment in custody and of possible refoulement to Aceh where they could face serious human rights violations in a province where "disappearances", incommunicado detention, torture and extrajudicial executions continue.

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