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Malaysia: Fear of forcible refoulement of Acehnese asylum-seekers / fear of excessive use of force during repatriation of asylum-seekers and immigrants / medical and health concerns and new concern: incommunicado detention / fear of torture

, N° d'index: ASA 28/007/1998

Ishak Daud, member of Acehnese Refugee Committee in Malaysia (ARCM), Iqlil Hyas Leube, ARCM member, Zahizi Tengku Ubaidullah, Musanna Tengku Abdul Wahab, Muhammad Diah Badai, Burhan Syamaun, member of the Aceh/Sumatra National Liberation Front, Syahrul Syamaun, Ali, Effendi and A Qader Hasan: An unknown number of illegal migrants and asylum-seekers deported from Malaysia after 26 March 1998 have arrived in Aceh province in Indonesia. Around 500 are now believed to be in Rancung military detention facility in Lhokseumawe where they are undergoing questioning.Many of those returned are known to be Acehnese who are at particular risk of human rights violations because of alleged links to Acehnese separatists.According to Indonesian newspaper reports, between 25-42 of the group had serious injuries and Unconfirmed reports talk of more deaths in transit as a result of injuries sustained during the deportation process.The whereabouts of Ishak Daud, Burhan Syamaun, Syahrul Syamaun, Ali and Effendi are unknown. The others are believed to be detained.

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