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Laos: Freedom of expression still denied - multi-party advocates and political prisoners sentenced after unfair trials

, N° d'index: ASA 26/003/1993

Thongsouk Saysangkhi, Latsami Khamphoui and Feng Sakchittaphong, three prisoners of conscience arrested on 8 October 1990 for advocating political and economic reform, were tried and sentenced to 14 years' imprisonment on 4 November 1992 at the People's Court in Sam Neua. The trial of the three men, who had already been held without charge or trial for over two years, was unfair. At the same trial three other political prisoners, Pangthong Chokbengboun, Boonlu Nammathao and Sing Chanthakoummane were sentenced to life imprisonment. They had been detained for re-education since 1975. There are also reports on other long-term political prisoners: the release of Khamphan Pradith and Phan Nola; the death of Thuck Chokbengboun; and internal exile of Ly Teng, Tong Pao Song and Yong Ye Thao.

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