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South Korea: Arrests of political prisoners during 1991

, N° d'index: ASA 25/034/1991

This document outlines in brief some of the cases of political arrests in South Korea during 1991. Cases reported include the arrest of members of Pomminnyon; arrests of artists, including Chong Son-hee, Choi Ik-kyun, Oh Chin-hee, Cha Il-hwan, Park Yong-kyun, Lee Chin-woo and Park In-bae; arrests of research students; arrests relating to demonstrations in May and June 1991, including those of dissidents Kang Ki-hun and Suh Jun-shik; the imprisonment of trade unionists for third party intervention in strikes, the arrest of Chonkyojo members and of Choi Jae-ho, president of the clerical and financial workers' union Samokomyung; the arrest of members of the armed forces and the detention of members of Sanomaeng (Socialist Workers' League), including Park Noh-hae.

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