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UA 370/94 - South Korea: executions / fear of further executions: Chon Ki-chol, Suh Chae-tak, Cho Hyun-chul, Mun Sung-do, Kim Mu-kyeong, Kim Dae-hung, Lee Pil-wan, Park Gi-tae, Lee Duek-jae, Cha Sun-suk, Kim Man-su, Oh Tae-hwan and three others, names not

, N° d'index: ASA 25/029/1994

The execution of the 15 people named above on 6 October 1994 has raised fears that others on death row in South Korea may have their sentences carried out at any time. AI fears that the decision to execute may have been motivated in part by recent sensational media coverage of violent crime. These are the first executions in South Korea for nearly two years.

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