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South Korea: update on Pomminnyon arrests

, N° d'index: ASA 25/029/1991

This document updates "South Korea: Detention of Pomminnyon members" (ASA 25/21/91). The 12 people named here have been imprisoned under the National Security Law for real or alleged involvement with the dissident umbrella organization. They are: Cho Song-woo, Lee Hae-hak and Reverend Cho Yong- sul, staff members of Chonminnyon; Lee Chang-bok and Kim Hi-taek, members of a preparatory committee involved in setting up the South Korean Headquarters of Pomminnyon; Reverend Hong Keun-soo, Pastor of Hyan Rin Presbyterian Church; Reverend Moon Ik-hwan, Chairperson of Pomminnyon's preparatory committee; Kim Hyong-min and Chung Yoon-so, staff members of Chonminnyon; Kim Kwe-sang and Lee Kwan-bok of Pomminnyon's preparatory committee and Park Soon-Kyung, a theologian

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