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UA 232/93 - Republic of Korea (South Korea): fear of ill-treatment / legal concern: Noh Tae-hun

, N° d'index: ASA 25/027/1993

Human rights activist Noh Tae-hun was arrested by officers of the Security Division of the National Police Administration on 15 July 1993 while he was visiting the office of his lawyer. He had already been detained for interrogation the previous day until that morning, during which time he was subjected to sleep deprivation and long hours of interrogation. Lawyers Cho Yong-whan and Baik Seung-hun noting that the warrant of arrest used was illegal, urged the police to follow correct legal procedures. They were then threatened and beaten by a group of officers. Noh Tae-hun is held under the National Security Law, apparently accused of contacts with North Korea. Although the charges are not clear, there is concern that he may be a prisoner of conscience.

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