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South Korea: Trade union leaders face arrest

, N° d'index: ASA 25/025/1993

Arrest warrants were reportedly issued on 2 and 5 July for five trade union leaders under Article 13 (2) of the Labour Dispute Mediation Act. This provision has often been used to deny trade union leaders their rights of freedom of expression and association. The five men belong to the Korean Trade Union Congress (KTUC) and include its President Dan Byung-ho. The men are accused of intervening in the current labour dispute in companies belonging to the Hyundai group. Dan Byung-ho is said to have visited Ulsan and incited Hyundai workers. He is also accused of visiting other trade unions in the area. There is concern that Dan Byung-ho and other trade union leaders should not be barred from the right to instruct trade union members about legitimate trade union activities.

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