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Further information on UA 78/94 (ASA 25/12/94, 1 March; and follow-ups ASA 25/14/94, 25 March, ASA 25/16/94, 28 March) - South Korea: mass arrests / fear of ill-treatment / legal concern: Ho Myong-soon, Ahn song-hae, Choi Kyong-ah (new arrests); Lee Sang-

, N° d'index: ASA 25/019/1994

Three more members of the singing troupe Heemangsae were arrested on 15 April by plainclothes police who also confiscated books and music tapes. AI believes that the eight detained Heemangsae members are prisonrs of conscience. Their arrest appears to be an attempt to prevent them from staging their musical, scheduled to take place this month.

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