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Cambodia: New fears about Khmer Rouge abuses

, N° d'index: ASA 23/003/1991

Amnesty International is concerned for the physical safety of 16 Cambodians who are thought to have been detained by the security forces of the partie of Democratic Kampuchea ("Khmer Rouge") on 30 September 1991. They were apparently suspected of being reluctant to carry out Khmer Rouge plans for repatriation of Cambodian refugees from Khmer Rouge-controlled camps in Thailand. The names of the detained are: Seng Sok, Sok Tauch, Chea Sok, Em Samet, Phao Ly, Khat Man, Sin, Meah Saveuan, Yi, Som Chhuom, Sok Heuan, San, My, San, Nget and Phoum. Included in the 16 is reportedly the nine- person leading committee of Site 8 camp.

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