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East Timor: Further information on arbitrary arrest / fear of torture

, N° d'index: ASA 21/086/1996

Rodolfo Sarmento (26), Anselmo do Carmo (33), Bernardino Fonseca (24), Tomas dos Santos (33), Julio da Costa (21), Americo da Costa (25); and new names: Antonio dos Santos (24), Joao Bosco (23): Amnesty International has learned that Rodolfo Sarmento and five other men arrested with him were released on 17 November. Two other men, who were arrested on 13 November, were also released on 17 November.

EXTERNAL AI Index: ASA 21/86/96
19 December 1996
Further information on UA 291/96 (ASA 21/84/96, 13 December 1996) - Arbitrary
arrest / Fear of torture
EAST TIMORRodolfo Sarmento, 26
Anselmo do Carmo, 33
Bernardino Fonseca, 24
Tomas dos Santos, 33
Julio da Costa, 21
Americo da Costa, 25
New names: Antonio dos Santos, 24
Joâo Bosco, 23
Amnesty International has just learned that Rodolfo Sarmento and five other
men arrested with him on 15 November 1996 were released from police custody
on 17 November.
The six men were believed to have been detained by police in Los Palos for
two days. There are reports that at least Rodolfo Sarmento was tortured while
in custody, but there are no further details. While in custody, the six were
believed to have been questioned about their alleged links with clandestine
Amnesty International has also learned that two other men from Los Palos, Antonio
dos Santos and Joâo Bosco, were arrested two days earlier, on 13 November,
on suspicion of involvement in a demonstration in support of East Timorese
Bishop Belo. They were taken into police custody in Los Palos and were also
released on 17 November.
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