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East Timor: Fear of torture

, N° d'index: ASA 21/042/1997

Virgilio dos Santos Pinto, Cancio da Costa, Gil Fernandes; Lorencio Monteiro, Sergio Paul Dias Quintas, Aurelio Mendes, Jose da Costa, Joao da Costa, Aurelio, Aleco Neves: The above men were recently arrested in the region of Los Palos, and there is concern that they may be at risk of torture or ill-treatment in military custody. The first three men named above are reported to have been detained by members of the Special Forces, Kopassus, and have been taken to the Kopassus detention centre in Los Palos. The whereabouts of the others is not known. The precise reasons for the arrest of the ten men is unclear, but is believed to be in relation to attacks by Falintil, an armed opposition group.

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