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Further information on UA 198/94 (ASA 21/12/94, 23 May; and follow-ups ASA 21/15/94, 2 June and ASA 21/23/94, 20 June) - Indonesia / East Timor: fear of torture / arbitrary detention: Jose Antonio Neves, Antonio Soares, Anibal, Isaac Soares (note full nam

, N° d'index: ASA 21/026/1994

Three of the East Timorese activists, Isaac Soares, Miguel de Deus and Pantaleao Amaral, have now been sentenced to 20 months' imprisonment for their part in staging a demonstration during a visit to East Timor by foreign journalists in April 1994. Reportedly the three were not accompanied by legal counsel either during interrogation or their trial. Amnesty International considers that the three, and all those named above, are prisoners of conscience and is calling for their immediate and unconditional release.

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