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Indonesia: Four shot dead by security forces during peaceful demonstration in Madura, East Java

, N° d'index: ASA 21/025/1993

Four people were killed and three others injured when security forces opened fire on a crowd of at least 500 peaceful demonstrators at a dam site near the town of Banyuates, Sampang regency, on the island of Madura, East Java on 25 September 1993. Those killed were Mutirah, a mother of three in her fifties, a 14-year-old schoolboy named Nindin, Simoki, a 40-year-old widower, and 30-year-old Muhammad, who died later in hospital as a result of his injuries. Hundreds of local villagers, many women and children, had gathered to protest at plans to build a dam which would lead to the flooding of four villages: Pelanggaran Timur, Nagasareh, Talang and Lar- lar.

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