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Further information on UA 367/92 (ASA 21/18/92, 23 November) - Indonesia / East Timor: arbitrary detention / fear of torture / new concern: fear of "disappearance": "disappeared": Abilio Baptista, Afonso Maria da Cruz, Antonio, Avalino Baptista, Fernando

, N° d'index: ASA 21/022/1992

The first 14 people named above are believed to have "disappeared" after being arrested in early November. Security force officials have denied that the 14 are in custody. Afung Chong, a motor mechanic reportedly arrested on 24 or 25 November 1992 has also reportedly "disappeared". Abel Fernandes and four other East Timorese were also arrested in mid-November. They are believed to be detained in Dili but their whereabouts are unknown, raising fears that they too may have "disappeared". The recent increase in repression by security forces in East Timor coincides with the anniversary of the November 1991 killings at Santa Cruz, Dili. Hundreds of people, including resistance leader Xanana Gusmao were arrested and dozens are thought still to be detained incommunicado.

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