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Indonesia / East Timor: Further information on intimidation / fear for safety: 29 abducted by "Ninja" gangs in Dili / up to 15 detained in East Timor, including Paul Asis, Antonio Miguel Escurial Soares, Ricky Valmero

, N° d'index: ASA 21/016/1995

Attacks by so-called Ninja gangs appear to have subsided in Dili. However, up to 15 people are reported to have been arrested in the city. One of those known to have been arrested in Antonio Miguel Escurial Soares; the reasons for his arrest are not clear. Paul Asis was reportedly summoned for questioning on 20 February. Ricky Valmero is reoprtedly in police custody. Some of the detained appear to have been arrested in connection with vigilante activities but others appear to have been targeted for their involvement in pro-independence activities and were previously targeted by Ninja gangs. AI is concerned for the safety of those in detention, particularly in view of allegations that Ricky Valermo has been tortured in custody.

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