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Indonesia and East Timor: Human rights in 1994: a summary

, N° d'index: ASA 21/003/1995

Indonesia continued to maintain a high profile in the areas of international economics, politics and human rights in 1994, becoming a member of the UN Security Council, retaining its membership of the UN Commission on Human Rights and its chair of the Non-Aligned Movement and hosting the APEC meetings which were attended by 18 government leaders. In this report, however, AI shows that human rights continued to be violated in Indonesia and East Timor during 1994. Despite claims of increasing political openness, restrictions on civil liberties actually increased. Dozens of peaceful meetings were broken up, the independent trade union SBSI continued to be denied official recognition and several of its leaders were jailed, and three leading news magazines were banned. This report also gives information on: political imprisonment, which continued in Indonesia and East Timor during 1994; torture and ill-treatment of political detainees; extrajudicial killings of political and criminal suspects; and the death penalty.

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