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UA 357/93 - India: torture / deaths in custody: Four deaths in custody in three weeks in Andhra Pradesh: P Ashalu, Khader Babu, Pochamma, and a five- month-old child

, N° d'index: ASA 20/039/1993

Four people have died in police custody in Andhra Pradesh state within three weeks in September 1993. On 7 September, in Warangal, a five-month- old child died allegedly after being hit in custody by police who were questioning its mother, Sofia. On 17 September, Pochamma, a tribal girl aged 20 from Meharnagar village died in hospital after being tortured by police in Pochampally, Nalgonda district. On the same day, in Khammam district, Khader Baba died in custody, reportedly after being tortured. On 21 September the government announced a judicial inquiry into his death and three officers were suspended. Also on 21 September P Ashalu, a doctor aged 60 who suffered from high blood pressure and tuberculosis, died in custody, allegedly after being denied medical treatment.

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