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Further information on UA 304/94 (ASA 20/30/94, 17 August) - India: fear of further killings in Rajasthan: Shankarlal Soni, Chhitarlal, Ramuda, Mahesh Jain, Rajendra Singh, Mahiman Kaushik; and new names: Rajesh Singhal, Tejaram Bhil

, N° d'index: ASA 20/033/1994

It has been reported that Rajesh Singhal and Tejaram Bhil have died as a result of torture in police custody in Rajasthan during August 1994. Rajesh Singhal was arrested by railway police and beaten while travelling by train to Jaipur. He was later taken to hospital in a serious condition and died on 19 August. The police claim that he committed suicide, but his uncle maintains that he died as a result of police torture. On 21 August Tejaram Bhil died in police custody in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. He had been taken into police custody on suspicion of theft. Their deaths follow those of six others named above. Amnesty International is unaware of any inquiries being ordered into the eight deaths.

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