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India: Further information on fear of further killings in Rajasthan: Shankar Lal Soni, Chhitarlal, Ramuda, Mahesh Jain, Rajendra Singh, Mahiman Kaushik

, N° d'index: ASA 20/010/1995

The Government of India has provided AI with information regarding the reports of death in custody of the above-named six people. Investigations into all of the cases are in progress.

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: ASA 20/10/95
Distr: UA/SC
30 March 1995
Further information (2) on UA 304/94 (ASA 20/30/94, 17 August 1994) - and
follow-up(s): ASA 20/33/94, 31 August 1994 - Fear of further killings in custody
in Rajasthan
INDIA:Shankar Lal Soni
Rajendra Singh
Mahiman Kaushik
Mahesh Jain
The Government of India has provided information to Amnesty International
regarding reports of the deaths in custody of six people in Rajasthan in July
Shankar Lal Soni - The circumstances of his death are said to be under
investigation by a Deputy Superintendent of Police.
Chhitarlal - An investigation by the Criminal Investigation Department (Crime
Branch) and a magisterial inquiry are said to be in progress. An unspecified
number of police personnel have been transferred and departmental action has
been initiated against them.
Ramuda - An investigation into his death is said to be in progress. Two constables
have been suspended and unspecified departmental action is being taken against
Mahesh Jain - It appears that Mahesh Jain was taken into custody when the police
could not find his brother who was wanted by them. An investigation by the
Director General of Police found that his detention was "unwarranted" and in
this connection a case was registered against six police personnel. Two post
mortems are said to have been carried out, one finding that there were no external
injuries on his body and that he died of heat stroke and the other finding
external injuries on his body. An Additional District Magistrate is said to
have completed his inquiry, finding that he did not die of police torture but
of heat stroke. Further investigations are being carried out by the Criminal
Investigation Department (Crime Branch).
Rajendra Singh - Investigations into his death are said to be still in progress.
Mahiman Kaushik - A post mortem report found that he had 31 wounds on his body
although no cause of death has yet been recorded. The government has stated
that: "The investigation conducted thus far reveal that the ASI [Additional
Superintendent] and two constables were prima-facie guilty of having illegally
detained Mahiman Kaushik in police custody and torturing him". Three police
personnel are said to have been suspended and arrested but later released on
bail by the District and Sessions Court. The case is under investigation by
a Deputy Superintendent of Police (Crime Branch), Bharatpur and a departmental
inquiry is said to have been ordered into the lack of supervision at the police
No further action by the Urgent Action Network is requested. Thank you to all
who sent appeals on these cases. Amnesty International welcomes the response
from the Government of India in principle but is disappointed that none of
the inquiries being carried out into these allegations are known to be
independent or impartial. The government's responses are being followed up
with further membership action.

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