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People's Republic of China: Detention and harassment of dissidents before 4 June anniversary

, N° d'index: ASA 17/063/1996

Authorities in China have detained and questioned several political activists after they sent a petition to the Chinese Parliament in commemoration of the seventh anniversary of the crackdown of the pro-democracy movement in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. The petition calls for the release of Wei Jingsheng and all political and religious prisoners and an official re-evaluation of the events of May and June 1989. Two of those detained, Wang Donghai and Chen Longde, are believed to be still in detention. Several other dissidents have also been detained recently, including Wang Xizhe. In the four weeks surrounding the anniversary in 1995 there were at least 50 arrests of dissidents around China. Several remain in detention one year on without charge; one of whom, Chen Ziming, is in very poor health.

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