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Further information on UA 377/91 (ASA 17/66/91, 8 November and follow-ups ASA 17/04/92, 8 January, ASA 17/29/92, 9 April, ASA 17/52/92, 11 September, ASA 17/19/93, 14 May) - People's Republic of China: medical concern / legal concern / torture: Liu Gang

, N° d'index: ASA 17/045/1993

Prison authorities have forbidden Liu Gang's family from visiting him for at least one year. His sister, Liu Ming, reportedly sustained an injury in a scuffle with a prison guard when she tried to insist upon seeing him. No reason has been given for the decision. AI is concerned about allegations that Liu Gang and those arrested with him have been tortured in detention and that he is in bad health and being kept in appalling conditions.

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