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Further information on UA 164/93 (ASA 17/20/93, 19 May and follow-ups ASA 17/21/93, 25 May, ASA 17/24/93, 17 June and ASA 17/35/93, 13 August) - People's Republic of China (Tibet Autonomous Region): mass arrest / fear of ill-treatment: Damchoe Pemo, Lobsa

, N° d'index: ASA 17/043/1993

Damchen Pemo has reportedly been released. No information is available on her whereabouts or state of health. No news is available about Gendun Rinchen and Lobsang Yonten, or about Lobsang Gyaltsen and Tashi Topgyal. In an unprecedented move, over 100 Tibetans inside Tibet, including members of the Communist Party and government officials, have sent petitions to the UN, asking it to ensure the release of Gendun Richen and Lobsang Yonten.

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