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People's Republic of China: Appeal for Li Wenming and Guo Baosheng

, N° d'index: ASA 17/027/1997

Li Wenming and Guo Baosheng, two labour rights activists charged with subversion, are still awaiting sentencing nearly three years after they were arbitrarily detained in the province of Guangdong. They were tried in November 1996 in Shenzhen. Before his detention in May 1994 Li Wenming worked for the newspaper "Shenzhen Youth" and was on study leave at Beijing University. There he met fellow student Guo Baosheng. They were initially held for "shelter and investigation", a form of administrative detention without charge. In January 1997 Li Wenming was reported to be suffering from nephritis, a kidney disease, and is reportedly showing symptoms of dropsy and is unable to move without assistance. Amnesty International is calling for the release of both men as prisoners of conscience.

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