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Further information on UA 65/92 (ASA 17/21/92, 21 February; and follow-ups ASA 17/49/92, 18 August; ASA 17/05/93, 15 February and ASA 17/08/93, 22 February) - People's Republic of China: medical concern / prisoner of conscience: Li Guiren and new names: Z

, N° d'index: ASA 17/009/1994

Li Guiren, aged 50, who was released on parole for medical treatment a year ago, was rearrested on 16 February 1994 from his home in Xi'an, Shaanxi province by police. He is a prisoner of conscience. There is concern that he is not fit enough to survive another period of imprisonment. He suffers from a serious heart condition and is too weak to undergo the necessary surgery. His rearrest is believed to be in connection with the detention in late November 1993 of former prisoners of conscience Zheng Xuguang and Ma Shaohua. They had launched a campaign for human rights and held discussions with the "Peace Charter" group. Several members of this group were detained and later released, except for Qin Yongmin who has been administratively sentenced to two years "re-education through labour" and is a prisoner of conscience. Zheng Xuguang and Ma Shaohua have not been heard of since their arrest.

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