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China: Health concern: Bao Tong

, N° d'index: ASA 17/003/1995

AI is concerned about the health of Bao Tong, a 62-year-old prisoner of conscience sentenced to seven-years' imprisonment in 1992, having been first arrested on 28 May 1989. In recent years he has undergone several operations for polyps in the colon: his white cell count is now reported to be half the normal minimum and he is reportedly showing signs of fatigue and inflammatory pain. He is held in Beijing First Hospital and is returned to Qincheng prison for family visits each month. His family are therefore unable to consult the doctors treating him. A request for Bao Tong to be examined by a doctor of the family's choice has been refused. AI is calling for his condition to be monitored properly and is also seeking his immediate release as a prisoner of conscience.

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