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Afghanistan: Re-establishing the rule of law

, N° d'index: ASA 11/021/2003

During nearly a quarter century of almost continuous armed conflict, both international and non-international, Afghans have been the victims of human rights violations and abuses on a huge scale. Despite the enormous scale of the war crimes, crimes against humanity and other serious human rights violations and abuses committed in Afghanistan, a climate of impunity prevails and justice for the victims continues to be denied. Ensuring justice and full reparations are fundamental for the countless victims of human rights violations and abuses committed in Afghanistan. Furthermore, ending impunity is crucial for ensuring that Afghanistan builds a future that is based upon respect for the rule of law and to prevent repetition of crimes under international law. In this report Amnesty International recognises that rebuilding and reforming the criminal justice system is an extremely complex task. and it sets out its recommendations in the hope that it will assist the ATA and the international community in identifying priorities to be addressed within the context of the judicial reform program currently underway.

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